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| Ice Allocation Policy |

This Ice Allocation Policy provides the Municipality of West Grey an equitable method to allocate ice at all arenas.

The Ice Allocation Policy is established to book prime time ice on the most equitable basis for the greatest number of users who wish to use the Municipality of West Grey’s arenas and rinks.

The Municipality of West Grey reserves the right to allocate ice time-based on staff capacity, with consideration for the Municipality’s program needs, the local committees and the best interests of the users. Consideration will be given to the previous years’ ice allocations.

Time Definitions:
Prime Time: Monday to Friday 5pm to 11pm and Saturday and Sunday 7am to 11pm
Non Prime: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

Ice contracts will be issued by the Municipality of West Grey on a per season basis for prime- time ice. Ice time will be allocated in 50 min blocks, which includes an allowance for ice maintenance.

The Municipality of West Grey will allocate ice using the following definitions:

Category Definitions:
“Community Youth” – Organizations providing youth activities with an elected volunteer executive, constitution and by-laws, are not for profit, and may be required to provide financial statements.
Ice time will be allocated through a formula based on participant numbers. Minor sports groups are defined as persons three to 19 years of age inclusive. This category is house league and recreational participants.
“Competitive Youth” – Organizations or teams providing youth activity at a competitive level.
“Competitive Junior Hockey” – Includes levels A, B and C.
“Community Adult” – Organizations or teams providing adult activity operated by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis and may be required to provide financial statements.
“Commercial” – Organizations or teams providing activity which do not qualify for “Community Adult”.

All attempts will be made during allocation to allow for minor or youth organizations to permit ice in the local arenas where traditionally that league or association has participated. Historical use and requests are taken into consideration.

The Municipality may adjust initial allocations after registration is completed for Community Youth organizations in order to respond to annual growth or reduction.

Ice Allocation will be completed on an annual basis using the following priority listing:

  1. Departmental Programs – These are programs offered by the Municipality of West Grey
  2. Community Youth
  3. Competitive Youth
  4. Competitive Junior Hockey
  5. Community Adult
  6. Commercial

All allocated ice may be used solely for the intended use by the permit holders. The sublet of ice is strictly prohibited and may lead to cancellation of season permit and future ice allocation consideration.

Leagues or Associations that are considering new programs that may require additional ice time, must present in writing, expansion or re-organization plan 8 months prior to implementation for consideration.

Annually, staff and the user groups review the Ice Allocation Policy to make recommendation for change as required.


  • Staff in each district will calculate the number of prime-time hours available.
  • Staff will deduct departmental program ice time required.
  • Balance of ice will be allocated using the distribution guidelines stated in this policy.
  • In August of each year, ice contracts will be sent to applicants for review.
  • Applicants will follow the Municipality policy regarding “Payment for Permit”.
  • Groups will have until mid-September to turn back ice to the Municipality for re-allocation with no penalty. All other returned ice will follow Municipalities policy.
  • The falsification of any information may result in the immediate cancellation of the permit.

Return of Ice

Three weeks’ notice is required to return ice / floor rentals to the Municipality of West Grey. This will allow for maximized ice sales. A 15% charge per ice booking will be applied outside of the three week window. Ice returned within the three week window will be subject to a 25% fee.

Tournaments and Special Events

Requests for tournaments and special events must be made in writing to the Municipality of West Grey prior to August of each year to be considered for fall/winter ice allocation.

Any user group wishing to operate a tournament or special event in prime-time during the period October 1 to April 30, must secure this time from their existing allocation. Where additional ice time may be required, an application must be made to the Municipality of West Grey. Regular ice users will not be pre-empted except under exceptional circumstances.