Vulcan Lodge Hall (checks payable to Vulcan Lodge Hall Society)

231 Centre St

Capacity – 130 people

Top or Bottom Floor       $150

Without Kitchen

Top or Bottom Floor       $200

With Kitchen

Kitchen Only                  $100

Per Hour without kitchen $50



Entire Building:                     $300.00 per day

                                                $200.00 damage deposit



Vulcan Ice Arena (checks payable to Town of Vulcan)

705 Elizabeth Street



Minor Hockey:                       $60.00 per hour

Skate Club:                             $60.00 per hour


County Residents & Clubs                  

Adults:                                    $105.00 per hour

Youth (17 & under):             $60.00 per hour


Out of County

Residents & Clubs:               $135.00 per hour

Tournaments:                        $135.00 per hour



Damage Deposit All Categories:  $135.00


Summer Dry Floor

Town and County, Clubs and Organizations:$55.00 per hour

Commercial:                           $550.00 per day


Damage Deposit:                 $50.00 for minor event

                                                $220.00 for moderate event

                                                $550.00 for major event


Cancellation Rates:                           1/2 cost of booked ice


Lewis/Ware Pavilion (checks payable to Town of Vulcan)

330 – 5th St. N


Pavilion/ limited tables

& Washrooms:                       $55.00 per day

                                                $220.00 damage deposit


Tables private use:                $10 per table for county residents (for in town use only)

                                                $200.00 damage deposit


Cultural Recreation Centre  -CRC               (checks payable to Palliser School Division)

504 – 4th Ave S

Capacity – 1080 standing – 830 seated – 665 seated at tables

Palliser Residents:                  $25.00 per hour

                                                $125.00 per 8 hours

                                                $200.00 per 24 hour event

$200.00 damage deposit



Or Commercial:                      $50.00 per hour

                                                $250.00 per 8 hours

                                                $400.00 per 24 hour event

                                                $300.00 damage deposit


Sound System:                       $25.00 per day

                                                $200.00 damage deposit


Concession:                            $25.00 per day

Full Kitchen:                           $50.00 per day

                                                $200.00 damage deposit



*Set up time will be charges at regular rates and must be booked with the Facility Coordinator.

*Damage Deposit for special functions (i.e. cabaret, rally or tournament)are subject to change at our digression.

*All bookings are subject to approval of the Recreation Director and the Palliser School.

* User groups requiring a more extensive sound system than available in the CRC must make their own arrangements


Vulcan Lions Outdoor Swimming Pool 2018 (checks payable to Town of Vulcan)

516 Centre St.


Private Rentals

Up to 30 people:                    $65.00 per hour


30-50 people:                         $85.00 per hour


50+ people:                            $105.00 per hour


County Central High School  (CCHS)     payable to Palliser School Division)

504 – 4th Ave S


CCHS Classroom

Weekend/Stat holiday:        $20 per room/ per hour

                                                $200.00 damage deposit


CCHS Classroom

Week day:                              $10 per room / per hour

                                                $200.00 damage deposi


Small Gym:                             $100.00 per day

                                                $200.00 damage deposit

Vulcan Prairieview Elementary School (VPE)