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Supervisor Fundamentals - Virtual Delivery
SF-MBTI: Intro to Type in Organization - June 2021 - CT21SUP030X1

VIRTUAL DELIVERY - June 8 & 10, 2021 - Find your "Type" and develop strategies for increasing your self-awareness and improving your communication skills. This course examines the importance of communication across teams, as well as strategies for enhancing your own emotional intelligence.
Prior to the course you will be asked to complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. From this you will learn preferred communication methods and their impact on certain personality types in your organization. You will also find strategies for enhancing workplace communications and problem-solving skills. This course is being delivered virtually with live instruction and interaction. It can be taken on its own or as a component of the Supervisor Fundamentals Certificate.

Learning outcomes:
· Participate in the MBTI assessment (online prior to session)
· Assess how you prefer to take-in and prioritize information
· Analyze your preferred communication style and how it impacts others
· Identify areas for personal development
· Analyze the impact of type on leadership and management styles
· Formulate different approaches to view work problems as benefits rather than sources of friction
· Apply type knowledge to conflict scenarios and problem solving
· Practice recognizing type cues in the behaviours of others

Price includes MBTI book and self-assessment.

Registration Dates
Online:Wed  Mar 3, 2021  07:00PM - Sun  May 30, 2021  11:55PM
General:Wed  Mar 3, 2021  07:00PM - Sun  May 30, 2021  11:55PM
Course Type:Open to All Adults
Location: Virtual Delivery
Instructors:Birgit LeBlanc
Status: Registration Closed
Date Range: Tue  Jun 8, 2021 - Thu  Jun 10, 2021
Registration Fee
Sessions: 2
Tue  Jun 8, 202108:30AM - 12:00PMVirtual Delivery
Thu  Jun 10, 202108:30AM - 12:00PMVirtual Delivery
Information and Requirements
Must have access to a computer with Web Cam
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