Notice: Due to Covid - 19 we are currently closed to all Community Use bookings until further notice. Apologies for this inconvenience. Stay safe. Stay well.
Community Use Department
Rental Rates for
Community Use of Schools

(Schedule "A' revised July 1st, 2013)

Cancellation charge of 10% will be applied to permits cancelled with less than 10 days notice.

1. Indoor Facilities
    1.1 Normal School Days:
        (Mon-Fri when school is in session)
Classroom Elem. Gym Middle/Sec. Gym
$17.25/hr. $21.50/hr. $35.25/hr
    1.2 Days in which schools are not in session
        • plus Custodial costs. (minimum 4 hour booking)
            (i.e. non-instructional days, holidays, weekends)
$20.75/hr. $33.00/hr. $53.50/hr.
2. Speciality Areas
    School In School Out
2.1 Choir Room (Claremont) $21.50/hr. $25.75/hr.
2.2 Keating Multi-Purpose Room $21.50/hr. $25.75/hr.
2.3 Deep Cove Multi-Purpose Room $25.00/hr. $30.00/hr.
2.4 Kelset Lunchroom $35.50/hr. $43.50/hr.
2.5 Bayside Multi-Purpose Room $72.00/hr. $84.00/hr.
2.5 Stelly's Multi-Purpose Room $72.00/hr. $84.00/hr.
2.6 Parkland Multi-Purpose Room $72.00/hr $84.00/hr.
2.7 Showers $50.00/per session
(minimum booking of 4 hrs when school is not in session)

Additional Charges:
• Tables - $8.50 each (plus cartage)
• Chairs - $0.90 each (plus cartage)

Any event that occurs when:

  1. School is closed (non-instructional days, holidays, weekends) or
  2. Has over 125 people in attendance requires a Facility Supervisor.

• Facility Supervisor: $25.00/hr (minimum 4 hrs).

• Technical Support (student) for Theater/Multi-purpose Rooms: $12.00/hr.

Any non-athletic event held in a gym may require the floor to be covered.

• $90.00 per day
(plus $100 pickup/delivery charge).

Cancellation charge of 10% will be applied to groups cancelling with less than 10 days notice.

3. Playing Fields
(descriptions may be obtained from the Community Use Department)
3.1 Non-irrigated playing fields $15.50/hr
3.2 Irrigated playing fields $23.50/hr
4. Commercial Use Rates
(trade shows, for-profit organizations/events):
     • three (3) X the Non-Profit Rate.
5. Use of Parking Lots for Commercial Activities
Must be arranged through the Community Use Department. (rates available upon request)
6. Claremont Track
Track is not available for out of district use without Board approval. Fee to be determined by the Community Use Department at time of application.
Floor Hockey Information

Floor hockey is permitted in the Brentwood, Lochside and Prospect Lake gyms only.

Hourly surcharge of $3.90 is applied.