Facility Bookings

With many facilities and multiple outdoor spaces, RDOS is well equipped to meet your recreational and leisure interests!

Please be advised, that tennis and pickle ball courts can only be booked for tennis and pickle ball and for one hour only to ensure fair play. Use of the courts for unintended purposes may damage the courts and is prohibited.

To request a facility or outdoor space , please contact the appropriate person below in the Facility Booking Request Box.

View Facility Availability Only
  1. No account or logon required to view facility availability only
  2. Use the Activity Type Filter eg. Meeting Space to identify the right facility for your event
  3. Select a Facility, Enter a Date and Time or Use the Calendar to search availability
  4. Email or call us to make your facility booking. View Contact page
Book a Facility
  1. To request a facility or outdoor space in Naramata, contact Sydney at sclement@rdos.bc.ca
  2. To request a facility or outdoor space in the Similkameen, contact Andy  at afoster@rdos.bc.ca
  3. For all other facilities and outdoor spaces requests, contact Nancy at nwigley@rdos.bc.ca
  4. For Tennis and Pickleball Court rentals in Naramata, click the button below