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 Aquatics (130)
COVID-19 Related Changes to Swimming Lessons • Preschool and Swim Kids 1 and 2 require in-water parent participation. • Private lessons can only be offered to students in Swim Kids 5 – 10. • Registration for private lessons can only be by phone or in person. Patrons can not register on-line. • No spectators are permitted on the pool deck. General Aquatic Protocols Maintain Social Distancing Check in with guest services at each visit. Please shower before your visit to rinse hair or body products with scents that will contaminate the pool.Showers will be provided for those who wish to rinse before or after swimming, with limited facilities available we ask that you limit shower time.Lockers are not available, personal belongings will accompany the swimmer to the pool deck seating area.
» Parent Participation (3 Mos - 3 Yrs) (9)
» Pre-School (3 - 6 Yrs) (20)
» Swim Kids (5 Yrs+) (46)
» Youth (8 - 15 Yrs) (1)
» Teen / Adult (13 Yrs+) (2)
» Lifeguard & Instructor Training (1)
» Private Lessons (8)
» Waitlist (16)
» Aqua Fitness Classes (27)
 Fitness Classes Active Living Studio (56)
COVID-19 Protocols Participants must register for their class beforehand (online or over the phone between 9:30 am - 12:30 pm). There is a waitlist. If someone drops out of a class, a Guest Services Rep will be in touch with you. Participants arrive 10 minutes before to their class, and leave within 5 mins after their class. Participants will need to sign in at Guest Services desk when they arrive at the Centre. The Aquatic Change rooms and Active Living equipment room are currently closed to the public. Participants need to be dressed for class when they arrive. • Participants should bring their own equipment • There will be limited equipment available for participants to borrow: Mats and Blocks - The mats and blocks will be sanitized after each class Straps - We are not able to sanitize straps. We will be selling straps.
» Fitness (48)
» Fitness Classes September 28 - October 2, 2020 (8)
 Youth Programs (5)
» Youth Ages 5 - 8 (1)
» Ages 2 - 4 years (1)
» Youth Ages 3 - 5 (2)
» Parents & Babies Class (1)