FACILITY RENTAL 1. The rental facilities within the Municipality provide a venue for
community. The Rental Applicant (hereinafter referred to as the
‘Applicant’) agrees to the following:

a. The Applicant will not enter the rental premises prior to the time
outlined in their Rental Agreement. Failure to abide by the terms
established in the rental agreement may result in additional fees.

b. The Applicant and his/her guest(s) are only granted access for
the area which has been rented.

c. The Applicant shall be present at the facility for the entire
duration of the rental period.

d. The Applicant shall be the last person to leave the facility.

e. Upon final departure of the facility, the Applicant shall ensure
i. All lights are turned off
ii. All thermostats are properly adjusted
iii. All garbage and recycling are bagged and placed in the
appropriate waste management bins located outside the facility
iv. Exit doors are closed and locked

f. The Applicant is responsible for cleaning all tables and chairs and
returning them to their original storage areas in the same state in
which they were found.

g. The Applicant is responsible for cleaning and returning equipment
to its original location (including but not limited to kitchenware,
utensils, and appliances).

h. The Applicant shall check and confirm that the entire facility,
including all washrooms, is in the same condition upon departure
as it was found on arrival to the facility.

i. The Municipality retains cleaning staff to clean floors, counters,
and washrooms after all facility rentals. If additional cleaning
hours are needed above the regular required amount, the entire
security deposit will be forfeited.

j. The Applicant is responsible for preventing all furniture, chairs,
and tables from being dragged across floors or damaging walls.

k. The Applicant shall report any damage to the Municipality.

l. The Applicant is responsible for removing all decorations, food,
and bar supplies (including rented supplies, i.e. dishes, linens) by
1:45 am, OR in the case of an hourly rental, prior to the end of
the rental.

m.When an item that has been rented by the Applicant cannot be
picked up by a rental company until the Monday following a
weekend rental, the Applicant must notify and arrange with the

2. All rental facilities are smoke and vape free facilities. The Smoke-Free
Ontario Act prohibits smoking tobacco in enclosed workplaces, enclosed
public places and other designated places in Ontario to protect workers
and the public from second-hand smoke. The Act prohibits smoking and
vaping outdoors in the following areas:
• Within 20 metres of the property line of any municipal recreation
• Within 9 metres of the entrance to any municipal building (including
stand-alone municipal halls not attached to a recreation complex)
• Within 20 metres of all children’s playgrounds
• All food and/or drink patios or any areas that are operated in
conjunction with an area where food or drink is served, sold or offered
for consumption. For example, if picnic tables are set-up near food
trucks and concession stands, these areas must be smoke and vape-

The Applicant is responsible for all signage and understands and will abide
by all regulations from the Smoke-Free Ontario Act and Grey County no
smoking/vaping by-law. The applicant understands and will follow the
information provided to them.

For more information or to ensure your event complies with the Smoke-Free
Ontario Act, contact Grey Bruce Public Health at 519-376-9420 or
1-800-263-3456 to speak with a Tobacco Enforcement Officer.

3. The Applicant understands that the use of open flames is not permitted
in accordance with the Ontario Fire Code.

4. The Applicant acknowledges that hall kitchen facilities (with the
exceptions of Osprey and Rocklyn) are equipped with domestic
appliances. Ranges are provided for warming purposes only. As per
manufacturer guidelines, the stovetop weight shall not exceed a total of
50lbs. A maximum pot size of 15 quarts (17 litres) may be used (for
reference purposes: a 15-quart pot weighs approximately 30lbs).

5. The Applicant acknowledges the electrical limitations of each facility, and
as such, will take undue care to ensure that electrical outlets are not
overloaded. Plugging in more than one appliance to a single outlet could
result in electrical failure/hazard. Access to the mechanical room is
restricted to municipal staff. Therefore, a blown breaker could result in a
call out charge and/or loss of service at the discretion of the Applicant.

6. The Applicant shall ensure that no confetti, sparkles, or rice will be
thrown inside/outside the facility.

7. Pets are not permitted on the property. Exceptions will be made for
service animals.

8. Playing of sports inside the facility (with the exception of approved
fitness programs) is strictly prohibited. Roller blades, roller skates, ice
skates, cleats, or any other type of sporting equipment are not to be
worn indoors.

9. The Municipality assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any
items brought into or left on the premises by permission or otherwise by
the Applicant or his / her guest(s).

10. The Applicant understands that an infraction to this agreement may
result in the suspension of the Applicant’s facility rental privileges for a
period of one year.

11. Any person authorized by the Municipality may inspect the rental
facilities at any time, and may stop any activity being carried out on the
premises, which in the opinion of such authorized person, may cause
damage to the premises, its contents, or possible bodily harm to
someone in attendance at said event.

If any of the above terms and conditions are not followed, the security
deposit of $250.00 + HST will not be returned. In the event of excessive
cleaning costs, the Applicant acknowledges that the damage deposit will be
forfeited, and that the Applicant may be billed for any expenses exceeding
this amount. In the event of damage repair/replacement, the cost will be
calculated at full replacement value of items, including installation costs.
This includes costs as a result of security issues, such as doors and/or
windows left open.

By signing this agreement, you, the Applicant, acknowledge that you have
had ample opportunity to consider, understand, and agree to the terms and
conditions contained herein.