Additional Facility Rental Policy Details/Information

The “Facility User” understands and agrees that the “Town” may revoke or cancel this agreement at any time with or without cause and that, in the event of such revocation of cancellation; there would be no claim or right to damages whatsoever. In such case, advance notice will be given if possible.
Cancellations caused by storms, flooding, power failure, mechanical failure, Act of God, business interruption or the need to use the facility for an Evacuation/Feeding/Reception/Volunteer Centre, will be considered unavoidable and groups will not be charged for the cancellation of such nature.
This agreement is non-transferable as there is not a provision to sublet the Facility.
Aisles and emergency exits must be kept free from obstruction at all times in case of a fire or panic.
Nails, wood screws, bolts, duct tape, glue or any similar fastening must not be used to affix scenery or decorations to walls floor or ceilings.
The “Town” will not be responsible for any personal injury or damage, or for any loss or theft of clothing or equipment or supplies of anyone attending the facility on the invitation of the applicant. This disclaimer also applies to the parking lot. The applicant agrees to indemnity the Township of Cochrane from any action or claim brought against it as a result of the use for the facility by the user.
Contract must be filed and a $200 Deposit paid in advance of the date of the event, to confirm rental. Deposit will not be returned if “Facility User” cancels and/or changes date confirmed unless said date is rented by the “Town” to another party.
The “Facility User” agrees to control the access at the front door until the event has concluded and the premise is vacated. The “Facility User” shall obtain, at their expense, a minimum of two (2) security personnel or police officers. Security is mandatory for Buck and Does or any other event as deemed necessary by the Facility Manager.
The “Facility User” agrees to only allow patrons with an Age of Majority card to attend event. Anyone who appears to be under the age of 25 will be required to show one or more Government issued documents with a photograph as identification before they are allowed entrance to the event. Persons under the Age of Majority will not be permitted to attend Buck and Does.
It is illegal to allow over the maximum allowable number of persons into a facility at one time. It is the “Facility User’s” responsibility to ensure the maximum is not exceeded during the event. Staff, security and volunteers are included in the occupancy load.