Program Refunds (Direct Delivery Programs)

Program refunds will not be issued once a program begins. Requests for a refund (with the exception of the Summer Day Camps, see notes below) must be received a minimum of two (2) business days prior to the start of the program.  A $5.00 administration fee will be held for each registration that is refunded, not including the Summer Days Camps.

*For participants requesting to cancel any registered weeks of summer day camps the $25 non-refundable deposit can be used as a credit for the remaining balance of summer day camp registration or for any other City of Charlottetown direct-delivery programming if requested before May 31. After May 31, the $25 registration deposit paid for each week a child is registered in a summer day camp is no longer eligible to be used as a credit for a City of Charlottetown direct-delivery programming. 

 Facility Rental Refunds

Cancellations of a reservation must be given by the Renter at least 48 hours in advance of the reservation to become eligible for a full refund of the rental fee, or the fee will be forfeited. Rental fees are deemed to have been earned by the City when a rental confirmation is provided to the Renter (and the facility is thereby rendered unavailable for other reservations) according to the following schedule: