The information in this guide is intended as a companion to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality’s Ballfield Policy. The policy establishes fees for use of service while the guide explains the procedures for booking fields and appropriate use of fields, recreational facilities and green spaces.

A full list of facilities for booking will be available in June, 2015 at Facilities include parks, ballfields, skate parks, tennis courts and soccer fields.

Application Information
The outdoor facilities booking guide is directly connected to The CBRM’s Ballfield Policy. The policy can be found on the municipality’s website at

Booking requests can be made online. The link to bookings can be found under Recreation at

Groups are encouraged to call CBRM Recreation staff at 902-563-5510 extension 0 Monday- Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm, if they require assistance in completing the application form.

Outdoor facilities are herein referred to as fields and booking procedures apply to parks, ballfields, soccer fields, tennis courts and all green spaces managed by CBRM. HOW TO APPLY

Bookings can be made by visiting or by requesting an application form at

Forward any additional information to Recreation administration within two (2) business days of application submission by mail or in person to 320 Esplanade, Suite 204, Sydney, NS B1P 7B9 or by emailing the form to


All applications must be received prior to field request. Associations and leagues should submit applications before the beginning of booking season.

  •  Non-league play or single purpose usage applications: two (2) weeks prior to field usage.
  •  Tournament/Special Event Application: July 1st
  •  League Play Application: June 15th

Booking Lights

At locations where lights are available, Permit Holders are required to submit light requests two (2) weeks prior to game or tournament. Lights will be activated according to the requested times. It is the responsibility of the Permit Holder to identify start and end times of lights. Lights are on timers and will not be reset if a Permit Holder miscalculated a start or end time.

There are no exceptions to lighting requests.

All participants are required to vacate fields after dark for their own health and safety.


The CBRM may attach such terms and conditions to a permit as deemed necessary to ensure public safety, protect municipal property, or maintain the enjoyment of the park for the public, which shall include identification of:

  •  Permit Holder- whether an individual, individuals or corporation
  •  Permitted use
  •  Fees (where applicable)
  •  Confirmation of insurance
  •  Time and date of permitted use
  •  Place of permitted use

No permit shall be issued without the payment of applicable fees or previous outstanding fees. In the event that any partner group, seasonal client, resident or occasional user has an outstanding account, rental privileges will be suspended until the account(s) have been paid in full.

CBRM Fields and Green Spaces CBRM Recreation provides bookings for outdoor facilities. CBRM Parks and Grounds maintain outdoor facilities. Bookings are taken by Recreation who send a schedule to CBRM Building Maintenance for Electricians to reset time clocks. Inquiries can be directed to CBRM Recreation Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm at 902-563-5510 extension 0.

All groups are required to pay fees upon booking approval.


Before the final permit is issued, the following information must be submitted with the application:

  • Contact names including two (2) e-mail addresses of Permit Holder leaders
  •  Insurance certificate; minimum $2,000,000 of general liability coverage; and naming the municipality as additional insured
  •  Fees
  •  Club/League/Association membership information including total membership (e.g. youth vs. adult, total members)
  • Failure to provide required information will result in automatic rejection.


Communication is a vital component of the bookings and allocation process. To foster this communication, CBRM will organize and facilitate an annual meeting with Partner Groups to review, define or confirm field open and close dates, hours of operation, field uses, amenities, classifications and restrictions, planned closures, special operating hours and field allocation. Also, other issues will be discussed such as administration, maintenance, and the use and care of adjoining buildings. Notes and action items will be recorded and distributed. This meeting will be held the first week in May each year.

To improve efficiency and record keeping, all formal bookings will be completed electronically on the field booking site.


The CBRM reserves the right to cancel permits any time for the purpose of repairs to the Fields or structures located within a Park or for any reason it deems necessary. In the event of such cancellation, the Permit Holders will be provided as much notice as possible and any applicable fees will be refunded.

The CBRM reserves the right to cancel the permit if any Permit Holder or individual members of this group undertake any prohibited activity as established by the municipality or by the provincial or federal government. No fees will be refunded under these circumstances.

Any Permit Holder that has been allocated space and does not intend to use it regularly should notify CBRM so time may be reallocated and used for the benefit of others.


All general rules and reservation procedures as specified in this guide are applicable during tournaments.
With some exceptions, tournaments generally occur on weekends. Staff will allocate and restrict tournament play primarily to weekends except for championship, national or international tournaments. Seasonal Permit Holders may be impacted and will be advised of any potential exceptions at the time their permit is issued.

Field allocations are dependent on available resources, and may be modified to provide required resources for regular season games.

All tournament bookings are to be made prior to the allocation of Seasonal Permits. A tournament/special events request form should be submitted no later than four (4) weeks prior to an event for all tournaments to be conducted in the proceeding season.

All returning tournament permits and related fees must be paid prior to the event. If payment is not received within this time period, the permit is considered void.


Major ballfields (Susan MacEachern, Neville Park, Vince Muise, Cameron Bowl, South Street, etc.) are mowed twice a week during prime growing season June to mid-July and mid-August to October and at lease once a week during the hot weather in mid-summer when the grass goes dormant. All other ballfields are cut at least once a week unless the weather is VERY wet.

The CBRM attempts to be flexible in accommodating Permit Holders but ultimately the health and safety of the user and the condition and playability of the fields take priority. This may require the closure of fields, denial of use and/or suggested alternate sites.

Fields may be closed at the discretion of CBRM. Closures are kept to a minimum when conditions remain playable. Priority is given to maintenance needs and rest and regeneration periods of all fields. The CBRM may close all or part of a park for any of the following reasons:

  • CBRM engages in work involving any of the fields or parks
  • When the health and safety of participants is threatened due to impending conditions, including but not limited to rain, poor surface conditions, or damage to fields.

CBRM fields will be closed between November 20th and June 20th for required time for fields to rest, especially during the wettest time of year when the most damage can occur. This also gives CBRM staff an opportunity to provide routine maintenance to all fields, undertake repairs, improvements and renovations for selected sites on an annual rotating basis and as needed basis. Should the use of specific fields be required after the above specified closure dates, a written request must be submitted to CBRM before November 15th to be given consideration. Decisions on field use after field closures will depend on established fall maintenance schedule and field conditions at that time.

Requests to modify or improve any CBRM field shall be submitted in writing for review and, if approved by CBRM staff, will be submitted to Council for consideration.

CBRM staff will review field conditions, and maintenance schedules will be communicated to Permit Holders annually.


The CBRM reserves the right to cancel or suspend permits for games, practices or other uses whenever field conditions could result in damage to the fields or injury to the players.

Permits may be cancelled when health and safety of participants are threatened due to impending conditions including but not limited to rain or poor field conditions.
The Supervisor of Parks and Grounds, or designate, shall have the authority to close any or all fields whenever weather or field conditions dictate.

Closure results will be emailed to Partner Groups upon release. During inclement weather, it is the responsibility of the Permit Holders to check the email accounts provided in their application before every game or by calling CBRM Recreation at 902-563-5510 extension 0. Field closure information will also be posted on CBRM’s website.
Only authorized CBRM staff can re-open a previously closed field.

CBRM Fields and Green Spaces

The health and safety of fields and participants is everyone’s responsibility.
Please report unsafe conditions to Recreation at 902-563-5510 extension 0.
During periods of changeable, adverse weather conditions where fields remain open, referees and team officials will be responsible for pre-game inspections to determine field safety and surface damage potential. If fields are judged to be unfit, the game shall not be played.


Whenever inclement weather occurs, Permit Holders must evaluate field conditions using the following criteria. If any of these criteria are met, then fields are not to be used as they are considered unplayable for safety reasons:

  • The presence of standing water/puddles:
  • Water sponges up around your feet when you walk on the field
  • Conditions deteriorate so that the field is being damaged, the game must be stopped.


As a responsible user of CBRM’s public fields, all leagues/teams/individuals are expected to follow these guidelines as well as the provisions of any law/act or policy that affects usage.
1. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted in any park or on any field unless authorized as per the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act, Chapter 260 of the Revised Statutes, 1989, Section 78(2) are met. Penalty for contravention is $463.85.
2. Players, coaches and team supporters must be courteous and respectful to local residents, other park users, caretakers, CBRM staff and other agencies at all times.
3. Designated washroom facilities must be used where available. Portable toilets should be ordered by leagues when hosting weekend tournaments.
4. Obey all traffic signage, regulations, Provincial and Federal Acts and related regulations, by-laws and conditions.
5. Pick up and remove all litter generated while using the park and deposit same in receptacles provided for such purpose.
6. Field access is limited to your assigned allocation times as noted on the Field Permit. Permit Holders are allowed onto their assigned area at their Permit start time. All Permit Holders must leave the area by the end time of their Permit. No field shall be used for any purpose other than as designated on the Permit.
7. Vendor permits are required for the sale of any refreshments or any article or thing and can be accessed through CBRM By-laws at 902-563-5010.
8. Respect and protect public and private property. Obtain permission from the property owner before retrieving any balls or equipment from private property.
9. Amplified sound is subject to CBRM Noise By-laws, N-100.
10.Failure to comply with the conditions of an approved Permit could result in future applications being denied.


All guests, vendors, and exhibitors of the event and Permit Holders are subject to and must abide by all codes, policies, regulations, statutes and bylaws of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, the Province of Nova Scotia, and the Government of Canada.

Permit Holder(s) are responsible to be aware of municipal bylaws that may affect their game or tournament. Events that might be in contravention of a bylaw may gain ‘special’ approval by the CBRM to proceed with the event (e.g. The CBRM can allow special event organizers to proceed with an outdoor concert that may be breaching the Noise Bylaw).
The following is a list of bylaws and policies that may affect your usage. Policies and bylaws are available on The Cape Breton Regional Municipality website at
„Ï Ball fields
„Ï Smoke Free Outdoor Space
„Ï Respectful Workplace
„Ï N-100 Noise
„Ï P-300 Public Property
„Ï S-100 Sidewalk Bylaw
„Ï S-200 Smoking Bylaw
„Ï V-200 Vendors and Traders of Goods


Approval Process:
Application forms received and date-stamped
Bookings staff review availability of fields for conflicts
In the case of conflicts, bookings staff suggest an alternate date via email
If dates are available, the applicant is issued an invoice by mail

In order for the approval process to be completed, applicants must pay all applicable permit fees. Payments can be made at the Customer Service Center, Civic Center, 320 Esplanade, Sydney, NS, B1P 7B9
A receipt is issued for permit. Keep receipt and invoice copy as proof of Permit


This document will be reviewed on an annual basis, initiated by CBRM Recreation bookings. CBRM Recreation staff have the authority to adjust procedural items related to timing, processes, etc., as appropriate and to respond to overarching Council policy related to Field revenues and strategic approaches. Dates for field openings and closings are dependent on weather conditions and will change from year to year.


The CBRM Staff and Council adhere to a strict code of ethics as defined in the CBRM Ethical Conduct Policy. This policy can be located at

Field Bookings c/o CBRM Recreation Department 320 Esplanade, Suite 204 Sydney, NS B1P 7B9 (902)563-5510 extension 0