Rental Rates

Arena Rental Rates Ice Rental

For this season only the rate is $40 / hour for all rentals. Please note that you may not get a clean sheet of ice and we do ask that you cooperate with us to make this work.

Arena & Fairground Rates

Arena Rental in the summer season (April through October) for a licensed event includes use of the washrooms, concession booth and arena floor. The Renter shall set up tables and chairs. The Arena Staff shall be responsible for the set up and removal of the stage if required. The Renter shall be responsible for the complete clean up which includes:

Sweeping all areas, remove garbage from the facility Wipe clean all tables and chairs, counter tops Stack all tables and chairs Sweep and mop if necessary, the arena floor. There is no charge for decorating for your event. All decorations must be removed and disposed of by the Renter within two days of the completion of the event.

FEE: $ 370.00 + HST + $ 200.00 security and cleaning deposit (refundable after the event) Total: $ 567.50

Kitchen $60.00/per day + HST

Arena Rental in summer, day use only. Renter does clean up at the end of the day FEE: $63.00 + HST

Fairgrounds/Pavilion – a refundable deposit is required. Clean up and refurbishing by the Renter is expected to be completed within two days of the completion of the event. FEE: $50.00 + HST

Atrium, fairgrounds and pavilion for the day, Clean up requirements as above FEE: $150.00 +HST + $200.00 (refundable deposit) Total: $ 331.25

Arena, fairgrounds, pavilion weekend rate: From Friday p.m. until Sunday p.m. FEE: $ 840.00 + HTS+ $ 200.00 (refundable deposit) Total: $ 1,149.20

Rental of Tables and Chairs: Everything to be returned within two days of the event. FEE: $ 5 /table, $2/ chair + HST + (refundable deposit)

Special consideration may be given to children’s groups, charities etc., or if special circumstances warrant an adjustment form these rates. We ask for your co-operation by applying for relief in writing to the Municipal office well in advance of your event.

Note: Deposits are due upon booking the facilities, all fees are due prior to the event. The decision to refund the deposit will be made by the Arena Manager after an inspection of the facilities and the refund or a portion thereof will be refunded within two days of the completion of the clean up of the event. Any schedule arranged with the Arena Manager for Set Up or Tear Down must be fulfilled; if not a $20.00 fee will be applied.

Course Rates

All Rates include applicable taxes. Fees must be paid in full before attending your course.