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Park Rules

Parks hours are 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.

  1. Glass bottles and containers are prohibited.
  2. Overnight camping in city parks is prohibited without approval from the Parks Director
  3. No livestock in the park, except as specially permitted.
  4. All animals must be on a leash no longer than 6 ft. and under the direct control of its owner.
  5. Pet owners must properly dispose of their pet’s waste.
  6. Picnic areas are on a first come, first serve basis unless the area has been reserved in the Parks office.
  7. Renters of Parks are responsible for any damages that they, their vendors or event attendees may cause.
  8. The selling of food, drink or other commodities on park property is prohibited without proper permits.
  9. Consuming, possessing, or selling alcoholic beverages of any kind is prohibited.
  10. Carrying or discharging any firearms, fireworks or weapons of any kind is prohibited.
  11. To damage, disturb, deface, vandalize or remove any tree, plant, shrub, rock, or structure/apparatus of any kind is prohibited.
  12. All garbage must be deposited in the proper trash receptacles.
  13. Speaking in an abusive, threatening, insulting or indecent manner to others is prohibited.
  14. Parking is only allowed in the designated parking areas.
  15. No motor vehicles are allowed on walking trails or property, except as specially permitted.
  16. No loud music.
  17. Open camp fires are prohibited in any of the city parks without approval from the Parks Director.
  18. Dumping of hot coals after barbequing is prohibited.
  19. Appropriate attire required.
  20. Police have the authority to stop any event or gathering that they deem to be out of control.
  21. Rollerbladers, roller skaters and skateboarders are strictly prohibited from using any park structures to perform tricks or jumps.

These rules and regulations are adopted pursuant to authority granted by Sec 16 ½-22, Code of Ordinances, City of Alvin. Any person who violates these regulations will be subject to penalties prescribed by law.