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Our mission is to provide an open and effective City government that protects the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, maintains a strong sense of community, nurtures prosperity, and creates the highest quality of life with the resources available. Home of Joshua Tree National Park and Park Headquarters, proud host of the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, the world's largest Marine Base, and with renowned world class murals and artists, the city offers a skilled labor force, a supportive business climate, pristine air, beautiful natural surroundings, desert and mountain vistas, and family lifestyle. Beyond the last of the traffic lights, we are the gateway to Mojave Desert, Joshua Tree National Park, the Mojave Preserve and the great California Outback. Enjoy our website, but experience the history, culture, lustrous starlit skies, breath taking sunsets and sunrises in person. Share our website with family and friends; use it as public access to your local government. Our goal is to provide information about our remarkable City to our citizens and visitors from near and far.

Don't forget: CLIENT is the person you are registering and the PAYEE is the Parent/Guardian

Course Registration

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